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Pet Psychic, Animal Communicator and Medium - Liza Callen

But people, like possessive pet owners or vets, who insist on euthanising animals to end their suffering often get in the way. She then told the owners that the cat would like a salmon. Source: Department of Environment, Malaysia. As with humans, she found that the horse adopted a defiant attitude as a defence mechanism. For over twenty-six years he has enjoyed a fulfilling career of traveling all over Europe to help pig owners.

He has offered some life-changing advice to farmers around the continent and avidly continues to do his job with perfection.

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Shaun is an English animal researcher famous for living with wolves. His fame began when he adopted a pack of North American timber wolf pups. He is currently involved in many research projects and has wrote some well-researched and informative books. He is currently living with his wife at Newberry Farm where he continues his research with wolves. Known all around globe Ken has been teaching and taming wild and difficult birds for over twenty-five years.

He uses unique techniques which have helped thousands of bird owners around the world. Based in Los Angeles — he controls and calms even the most aggressive bird species around.

RC Bridges, nicknamed the Buffalo Whisperer is internationally famous for keeping a bison as a pet. He was featured on a TV series which shows the daily life of him and his wife living with the Buffalo.


I believe we are all Animal Communicators

Kevin was born in South Africa in and is currently working extensively with the native animals of Africa. Alongside many documentaries he also has wrote a book. Currently he is caring for over fifty lions in a huge, private park.

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Cesar Millan was born in and is of Mexican-American descent. Famous around the globe for his tactics with dogs he has had TV shows broadcasted in more than eighty countries. You can also view my list of upcoming events or workshops. I always have a story or two to uplift or educate on some animal topic. I connect telepathically with the animal and figure out what is going on for the pet, behaviorally, emotionally or physically.

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Every day is very different. I believe we are all Animal Communicators Thank you for coming to my site. Time 4 Friday - 12 Saturday. Learn More. Event Details.

Wish you could understand what Fluffy is saying? The 'animal whisperer' class is in session

Event Details October 16, — January 29, Time All Day Wednesday. Time 1 Friday am - 8 Friday am. Time 3 Sunday am - 10 Sunday am.

10 Amazing Animal Whisperers